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We are a creative aluminium design and fabrication company that focuses on supporting stand builders and trade clients with high quality, sustainable aluminium framing and structural solutions across a variety of industries.

For over 15 years Aluvista has been proud to support its clients with high quality products and solutions based around aluminium fabric tension framing system display.

We offer a wide range of products and services from simple wall frames and light boxes to full structural build components. In addition, we supply modular system solutions in both our tension frame range and Aluvision's award winning modular system, including purchase and rental options.

At Aluvista we are always working closely with clients and suppliers in the interests of sustainable, cost effective, quality products that stand the test of time. Staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing industries within which we work is an important part of our approach and we love that we learn more and more with every new enquiry and every project delivered.

Want to learn more about Aluvista... why not pop by? 

We offer tool box days as an opportunity to get one-on-one introductions with our products and systems.


Want to get hands-on with the Aluvision system, no problem, we have a large open pre-build space for training and testing structures and new ideas.

Get overviews on best practice, panel and print production services as well as lighting solutions.

We can also help run though the Aluvision plug-in for sketch up and how to start building your designs in Aluvision.

To take advantage of our coffee and visit our production site in Abbotsley, email the team and we can set up a date to suit you.


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