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Not just safe travels.....

Let Aluvista take care of your investment with bespoke case solutions.

Bespoke Flight Case Design

Everyone likes a flight case but for those that use them day in and day out you know having cases specific to use can be crucial.

With travelling and multi-use stands bespoke case solutions don't just protect your investment, designing cases to suit specific activations can seriously speed up the build times on site reducing labour time and cost.

It's not all silver and black either, partitioned shipping clip crates can also be designed to suit, should you need.

At Aluvista we work closely with clients to look at how they need to approach each situation for shipping, on site handling, booking-in and final check.

Ensuring your kit is as fresh from the day it leaves to when it arrives home from its travels.

Get in touch with the team about...

Protecting purchase investments is a no brainer but the solution needs to work for your budgets and applications.

Get in touch with the team to learn more on 01182 142 930.

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